Sending dynamic files using Bubble's "send email" action

Hello everyone!

My problem is this: users of my app select their resident Province in a dropdown menu and are then emailed a document based on their selected province.

This is how the email looks in Bubble:

But when the email with the document is sent, the document link appears like this in the email, with two // at the front.

I’d much prefer the document appear as a hyperlink that says: “[Province] Term Sheet” similar to what I’ve done below:

OR even better, would be to include a clickable button in the email that says the same thing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Have you tried sendgrid?

I tried SendGrid but I’m having difficulties with that as well. I’d have to add each user who fills out the form to a list based on their province and then send them an email as soon as they’re added to the list. The problem is I’m finding it difficult to add the users to the SendGrid list, as it’s asking for the List ID and Recipient ID and I don’t know what to input into either of those fields.

Also for some reason the API link isn’t working to connect my SendGrid with my Bubble account.

I have noted a few issues with the available plugins. Not all have entire features,
Use these 2 to send sendgrid email

Sendgrid contact will help you with Segments and other features necessary to implement your emailing. If you have issues and will like someone set it up for you check us here. Sendgrid by Copilot will help with sending the emails with attachments.

Any update as to a solution for this?

Some email clients are finding the ‘//…’ links to files unclickable, so it would be great to have it as hyperlinked text or a button in the email.

Even to show them as ‘https://…’ would be preferred.

you just need to add https: before the link reference in your API call to make it a clickable link.

Or, if you want to show some other anchor text in the email for the link, use a standard html link in your Sendgrid (or whatever email provider you use) template, and just pass the URL through in the API call.

The same applies for using a button - add a button in your email template, then just pass through the URL of the link in the API call.

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Cheers Adam!

Figured out the https: fix just there.

Appreciate the clarification on the API call workflow though, should be able to get it working shortly so!

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