Sending email notification when new listing

Hi! I would like to send users an automatic email when a new listing is created

These users are marked as ‘premium’ so that could be a filter. But general Q is where to add this to the workflow so I can update my users when a new listing is posted.

Thank you!

When the new listing is created. So wherever that takes place, have it trigger a backend workflow that sends the email.

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Thanks! Thing is I have an approval process. So the listing is created, then I have to tick a box in backend to approve and then it will be visible on the site. So preferably I want to send an update once the listing is approved.

Cool. Trigger the backend workflow on the same workflow you have setup for the approval process.

I am using a filter in the repeating group. Not sure if I can trigger an email from there?

How is approved changing from no to yes?

I’ll do that in the back end. So I go to the listing and toggle approved to yes (default no). After that the listing will be visible.

You should just build a simple page for you to do that and have a workflow that does it and when that workflow changes the value from no to yes, have it trigger the backend workflow to send the email…or you could setup the backend workflow that is a ‘database change trigger’

Thanks for your help!
On the database trigger do you know where I can add the trigger for this?

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