Sending Image URL data to API


For my application, the user will upload 10-15 photos.

I am trying to find a way to send these uploaded image URL’s into the API as data, which I can see fine on the frontend but can’t figure it out the backend side of things.

The URL for the image’s need to be filled into this value slot in the API Parameters.

Any idea’s how to go about doing this?


Uncheck the Private checkbox.

You’ll then see a field for this value when you make the API call. You can pass the URL there via a dynamic value expression.

I have unchecked the private box.

Trying to run the API call now, but getting this error:

How will I be able to pass the information into the textbutton of the API call before initiating the call? Seems like I can’t initiate this API Call until all text is filled.

I assume by your comment, you meant I can pass the value in AFTER the call is initialized right? Well in this case, I can’t even initialize the call until the data is entered.


put your image url or any random image url in the field “value” and try it out again

I just get errors from API now.

I assume it is because by doing this it’s not actually passing the information it needs to successfully make the call.

To initialize, you’ll have to send it some valid dummy data so it makes a first call and understands what the response format looks like.

Then it will let you dynamically add input values while making calls from your workflows