Senior Bubble Developer - Full Time Opportunity

With our MVP launched, we are looking to hire a highly experienced senior bubble developer to continue the product enhancement & development journey, working closely with the Product Lead and overseeing a Junior Bubble Developer.

As a company our core value is people development and this is an opportunity for a highly ambitious individual wanting to grow into the role of a global CTO in the next 2-3 years. We are targeting very aggressive scalability through

Please reach out directly here through PM or you can send an email to

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Your site looks sweet! How do you do the personality assessing?? AI or bubble logic?

Anyway, looks cool! Let’s make it rain!

Hello, thank you Jared. Would you be interested in the opportunity? Ty

Sounds like a fun opportunity but it totally depends on your timeframe, a zoom meeting to make sure we all mesh, your total need, etc.

I do work full time as a Behavior analyst so working in tight time frames can be difficult. If you only need ~ 5 hrs per week send me a DM and we can talk more. That said, you’d have a part time Bubbler you could always consult with about changing staff behavior!