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Separate reading and writing permissions

It would be very useful to be able to separate writing and reading permission in the data privacy tab.
For now the term “view” is used for the fields, which in fact corresponds to “view and modify”.
Separating viewing from modifying would allow better security on our websites.

This. 1,000,000%.

I think we actually need some king of page were we can put suggestions for bubble and have a voting system so that most wanted features get more visibility.
I have a bad feeling that most of these posts disappear in the abyss of this forum…
It would be quite easy to do that, but I lack time for now :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for the duplicated post, I did search the forum before posting but didn’t find yours

Something similar to uservoice should be posible to implement quickly in bubble. But that is not the issue. Issue are resources :slight_smile:

I believe that is why they started hiring recently.

The issue with that is that some features that should have top priority aren’t at the forefront of everyone’s mind. This is especially true for security and may also be the reason why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

We used to have this and users were confused… The rights for writing data are conditions on the workflows. If you set up the right conditions there, someone that doesn’t match the condition will not be able to run a workflow and the data will not be modified.

The issue is that many points of failure are introduced that way. By placing it at the role’s definition, it is much easier to manage, as it is wide spread, and more likely to be adopted, in comparison to security conditions on 100% of security related workflows. While it may be easier to add conditions to workflows, are a large portion of users actually implementing security this way? I believe that when it comes to security, users’ confusion or lack of understanding doesn’t warrant a solid reason to remove an extra layer of security.