Sequencial Numbers

Hi, I’m trying to do a sequencial numbering system for every time a user signs up they are given a specific number. Each additional user is a +1 of the previous number.

I thought I figured it out by doing the “do a search” count +1 but then I was running into some issues where it was no longer increasing by one. Any suggestions?

The most basic way is:
Upon creation of the user set the user’s [number field] to Do a search for User sorted by [number field] descending no, then close out of the search and do :last item's [number field] + 1

Also default privacy rules can get in the way of the search actually finding the next number

But @keith is about to come up with something way more reliable in a second


Oh FFS not this again. YOU :wave: DON’T :wave: NEED :wave: THIS :wave:

If you want to KNOW the order that Users signed up just sort them by Created Date. Hooray know you know. BUT WHY DOES IT FREAKING MATTER!? :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave:

(Answer: It doesn’t.)

If you REALLY want to create asymptomatically increasing serial numbers you can do it in Bubble but it’s WAY above your pay grade if you’re asking how to do it here.

Start here:

THEN read the ENTIRE thread and don’t come back her until you can prove that you have.


Well, @tylerboodman, I’m not offering a better solution, but ripping a new ahole. Same thing I guess. :wink:

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