Server logs are coming up empty


I trying to troubleshoot an API workflow, but the server logs are empty AND I only get the latest 6 logs. Any ideas?

I am trying to do this in the test version. I have the Personal plan. I know that plan has logs only for the last 24 hours; there is lots of activity within the last hour that doesn’t show up there.

Yes, i noticed the same in one of my apps. Assumed it was a cache issue or something and found another way to check the data I needed to.

Will file a report if it persists.

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Thanks. Which plan do you have?

My logs just started appearing. Could you try this to see if it works for you?

  1. Open incognito browser window
  2. Go to your app
  3. Go to logs

Now I have to go nail down which of my many extensions is causing this.

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