Server Logs Not Showing


I am experiencing an issue where server logs are not showing anything. Currently it is only happening on certain pages I believe and in test mode only. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Same here. Nothing is showing on test or live. Very annoying :frowning: anyone with a fix besides messaging Bubble support and waiting 3 days.

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I ended up just finding the solution by good old trial and error because I couldn’t wait for them to fix the debugger issue.

Last I checked it still wasn’t working though. Surprised there hasn’t been more talk about this (that I’ve seen).

Suggestion to anyone reading this (could be your problem or not! the server logs are very buggy)

If the bubble app was created in a certain time zone (for example, Eastern time zone) then your logs will act very weird if your PC’s time zone is in another one. I had created an app in Eastern then moved to Europe and my logs stopped working for things like 2 minutes ago or five minutes ago. In order to get it to work again you have to write the specific time in the original timezone or make up for the time difference (example: 6 hours and 2 minutes ago if you are 6 hours ahead of your original time zone).

Good luck! And yes this is a really silly bug

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