Server logs to database

Can I save user logs that are present in the server log in my bubble database?

You can save them by taking a screenshot of them

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you can export any table in your database as a CSV.

Or, set up a backend workflow to save them into a google sheet, daily, weekly, whatever.

There is no way to “export” or “save” the Bubble logs. (other than screenshot :laughing: @johnny or cut and paste out of your browser :laughing:)

You could consider using an external logging service - like - it has a useful free tier and is cheap anyway. The built-in logs to Bubble apps are not very useful in terms of getting alerts for events, searching or trending or … or just about anything.


:joy: the best solution my brain could come up with at 2 AM


derrrrrrp, I thought he was talking about a table in his DB, didn’t even realize there was a place to see server logs in bubble. Don’t mind me, I’m new :man_facepalming:t2:.

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Thank you .

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