Server Side Action - Return Array Empty

The list array in the server-side action return object (shown above) is empty when i run the below server side action.

This is a bug right? What do i do?

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FWIW I can’t see anything wrong with your setup :thinking:

yea it doesn’t make sense, i looked around the forum but didn’t find any similar issue

Have you been able to return single values yet? You could try adding parenthesis to your keys, though that may not change anything.

When defining Json bodies in the api editor, keys must have parenthesis.

Yes able to return the single values, but not the array as list. May be anything with issue on plugin version updates?

I think, its a bug.
Hope @eve will respond.

It’s just a pain in the ass to return an object

You need to create an api call in your plugin and define your return object there. Call any api, doesn’t matter which BUT you must define your response in the api editor.

You can use it as a data type. You can then return that data type. I’m on my phone so will include more details later with screenshots or a video example

Check out this screenshot carefully

Note. If you define your key in the api like this

“String”:”urur ugh”

Then in the object you plan to send out; set up your object like this

“_p_String”:”urur ugh”
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I’m only trying to return a list of strings not a custom object.