Server side redirect does not work - App Security

I hope everyone is well! The ONLY circumstance that I’ve ever had success in getting a server side redirect to work is with “when current user is logged out”. Well, that’s not the exact condition I’d like to use to trigger my server side redirect in this instance. From what I understand, and everywhere I read, when it comes to app security, correct privacy rules settings, if not the top, is one of the most highly suggested ways to secure app data, with using server side redirects as the next or #2 most valuable tool to secure an app. Such a highly important security feature should not be so hard to implement.

I’ve already read these posts:

Bubble docs at the link below mention in the 3rd paragraph:
“If a change page action is the only action in a workflow that is triggered on page load, the redirection will happen on the server.”
My workflow meets that criteria

“Note that if a condition is applied on such an event, the redirection will happen on the server if the condition only involves the Current user and the Current page thing.”
Yes, I do have a condition. Yes my condition involves the current user. Even though it states current user AND current page thing, i interpret that to mean the “and” like it states, or, “current user OR current page thing” Requiring both makes no sense.
My condition only involves the current user.

I have what I believe is a super simple condition.
Only when (current user’s “arbitrary field” is NOT EQUAL to “arbitrary text”)

I swear my workflow looks exactly like what someone in one of the above posts was able to make work after he was having the same problems I am. I mirrored what he had and still my page loads first.

My page loads elements onto the screen THEN redirects if my condition allows the “go to page” to proceed.

Obfuscation is not what I’m looking for. So I’m not trying to hide then show elements. I want the server side redirect to work. Don’t load the page if I don’t want it to load.

I’m hoping I’ve missed something obvious. Hopefully someone sees what I’ve missed, or is able to help me get to a solution.

Thanks in advance!!!

are you loading the preview with devug mode? try without

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So exact, Like a sniper. The debugger in the url was the problem. Thank You!

How’d you know this tho? lol. I swear it’s not documented.

had the same problem before :upside_down_face: