Service Worker (MIME Type)


I’m trying to get a simple ‘service-worker.js’ file registered in a browser but I can’t figure out if it’s a Bubble thing stopping it or not. I’ve done nothing complicated but Chrome is throwing a ‘The script has an unsupported MIME type (‘text/plain’)’ error whilst Edge is giving a ‘ServiceWorker registration failed: SecurityError’ permission denied error. The .js file only contains one line right now and that’s a console.log(‘hello’);

Can we do this with Bubble? What am I missing!

Changing the script in the body to include /version-test/service-worker.js

Using Chrome servicewroker internals (chrome://serviceworker-internals/)
I can see this:

I changed a couple of things, like the content of the script but I wondered if anyone has successfully done this, couldn’t see much through the forum on it.

The script is accessible. I tried putting the script in the header, the body, as an HTML element and as a Run javascript action but same error each time :frowning:

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