Set incremental user id in database


I see that Bubble sets its own unique ID for each new user in the database. How can I set my own user ID which increments by 1 for each new user that signs up? Would appreciate instructions on how to do this!

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Hey @eye,

You can have a new data type in your User data type called “User ID,” make that type a number. Then when a user signs up, for the “User ID” field you created you can put the following dynamic data: “Do a search for Users:last item’s User ID + 1.”

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That worked perfectly and the dynamic expression helps me understand Bubble better.

Thank you @johnny!

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Glad to help! Please feel free to shoot me questions in the future by tagging me :slight_smile: Glad to help anyway I can :slight_smile: – Welcome to Bubble by the way!


Johnny, attempting this but I’m missing something apparently.

This is what I have:

Do I need another TYPE as user_ID? And then have that in the user table?


Hi there, @mfsmillie… I would guess the reason your setup is not working is the privacy rule(s) on the User data type prohibiting users from being found in searches. So, take a look at that and see if that’s the case.


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@mikeloc Yes, indeed. Much appreciated!! :star_struck:

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