Set Input Focus not working

Anyone know why Set Focus to Input might not be working on mobile?

It works fine on a desktop browser but in a mobile browser (iOS) it doesn’t work. Im building a mobile messaging system, so for good UX I want the keyboard to show up as soon as the messaging group is made visible. No dice.

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Hi there,… I don’t have a solution here, but you are not alone on this one…

Oh, and a Google search turned up lots of stuff on the topic, including folks trying to “fake” the focus because it seems like it’s something Apple really doesn’t want you to do.


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And here I am thinking i’m proficient at searching the internet for information. Ha, clearly not. I missed all of these. Thanks for the heads up @mikeloc as long as it’s not just me!


anyone found any solution to this?

Seems like they came up with a solution using JS

Then the reply to that had an improvement on it

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Thanks! You are without a doubt the most helpful person on the forum

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