Set prices based on drop down box selections

Hi everyone,

I have a set of drop down boxes like quantity, product size etc and want to add a total based on each selection as each selection has a different price so would like to keep adding to the total. How would I go about this?


Hi Reshma,
Are the drop downs static or dynamic?


Right click on the dropdown and start/edit workflow. Then make the workflow update the total cart price according to the price on your dropdown.

Thank you I got it to work using custom states. The drop down boxes are dynamic. However, when a user changes the option in the dropdown box, how do I subtract the amount in the input field which holds the total from the previous selection and then add the amount from the new option selected? There is no subtract option.

@romanmg @fayewatson
Hi, could you assist on this please? I’m quite stuck! Thank you!

Hi @reshma.patel82 :slight_smile: Sure! Could you temporarily set your app to public and share a link to the editor so that we can see your current setup? (Feel free to PM!)

Hi @fayewatson did you manage to have a look at the link I sent you on PM the other day? Any help would be super appreciated!

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