Set State - How to retrieve the information stored


I’m currently using a custom state on a location field residing in an input element.

The location value I’m interested in is currently not stored in the database and it is auto determined by longitude and latitude coordinates based on a map pin point (This all works fine).

What I’m trying to do is capture the location information through a custom state (Which I think I have done via the set state image below which is called from a button / workflow).

The part I’m struggling with is how to retrieve and show the value stored in another input box (Image below).

set state

Please advise if you have any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong.


Interesting. it shows the value is empty for the set state even though I can see it contains data.

Yes, the set state workflow states empty (not sure why). I wonder if that is because I’m finding the location dynamically via coordinates. As an example I move the cursor it changes the coordinates and location automatically.

Sounds good.

Just curious, does the formula for “Value” look OK? The CalculateCoordToAdd is the input field that contains the address from the coordinates. I did test just putting text in the value box (i.e. Hello) and I could see the state was setting properly.


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