Set state of a re-usable element on page - add new state in dropdown

Just a really minor thing, not sure if this is a bug or just by design as simply a message, but when a re-usable element is on a page and using the ‘set state’ workflow action, when scrolling through the list of states active - clicking the last option I’d thought would redirect to the re-usable element itself, but clicking just closes the dropdown.

It would be handy if clicking the last open to go to the re-usable element could redirect to the re-usable element and open the new state window, ready to go (I’m reading this post back and I’m sounding super lazy - but just curious).


@luke2 That will certainly be more intuitive. We will look into this request.

Thanks @neerja
I appreciate its a small touch but ends up a crisper UX

We have pushed a fix which should be live now.

Thanks tested, working.

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