Set state of other reusable element?


@boston85719 provided some very useful info. Just wanted to put my two cents in:

Let’s say you have REU1 and REU2. There are two ways of accomplishing what you’re requesting with “vanilla” Bubble.

  1. You’re referring to setting the state within REU1 to REU2, I would suggest an easier approach if you your data type is not occupied:


  • Make both REU’s the same “type of content”.
  • Put both on the page
  • Make REU2 to be REU1’s value

REU2 will automatically update.

IF you absolutely need to keep the “type of content” open for something else, and need to use states, you can do a “do every time” (at the page level, when you already have both REU’s on the page)


Disclosure, this works 99% of the time, but if data intensive or your user clicks on other things fast it may not update. Bubble’s listeners aren’t bulletproof.

This setup only works one-way - i.e.: if only REU1 can change the user. if you need two-way, let me know there’s also a setup for that.