Set Style in workflow or based on condition?

Hi everyone,

I want to set a style but could not find it. I thought there could be two options:

  1. Is it possible to set a style in the workflow (i.e. you have a style for normal and then for selected state)?


  1. Is it possible to change a style with the conditions of that style referencing to the instance’s custom state (custom state= selected → style gets changed)?


  1. In the element’s Property Editor itself. Hence at States - Bubble Docs it reads “These states can then be used in the Conditional section in the Property Editor to change how an element displays or behaves when this state has a particular value.”

I want to reuse styles based on a condition. In this case everytime one of multiple toggle buttons is set/triggered/selected I want to change a group of properties (aka style).

Looking forward to your answers. Thank you!



absolutely, custom states is the best way to change style and anything in condition, so go for it.

It’s all about create a custom state and giving a value > if value is equal > change style

good luck

Hi aldevelops,

thx for replying! I cannot find the option to select my custom state in the style’s conditions.

Where can I find it?

It’s fine to face confusions but it will be easy like drinking water when you understand that everything is located everywhere.

Go design and not styles, click on the element you want to change the style > go condition and create new custom state > call it ‘something’ > give it a value of text or yes.
Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 5.30.41 PM

Then manage your workflow once the element clicked and change the custom change by action > set state 'something > to whatever value you want to compare.


yes, I already did this (and cannot find an option to set a “style” here too).

and in my workflow I also cannot find the option to set a style neither:

To minimize confusion: A style is a set of visual properties = e.g. BG color & font color

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Great, once custom state changed to yes > an equal in conditions change the element style > IN CONDITIONS

For example if custom state is yes
Change background style > none

I think I got that one! I do not change only the background style but the “whole” style to another style I defined in the styles section.
This has to be possible somehow!
Imagine multiple buttons that do all the same, then it is not practicable to change single properties like the BG style only for each of the buttons.
If you want to change something then you have to change it to all the buttons (for consistency)!

With a defined and set style, you have to change it only once in the style section and not for each single button!

I am getting the feeling that all of my 3 options in my questions are not possible in bubble, am I right?

I see where you going, thats why bubble built style for you to custom a reusable one, which mean the style is for an element type, for example creating a style for button in style for using everywhere by choosing the button style, but the thing is when changes need to occur, then it need your side effort which will be easy.

I do these every where when hovering or choosing an option to change style color.
So its fine to do it several times, anyway you can copy condition and paste :slight_smile:

Think simple > less conditions > less time.

I want to up-vote this.

being able to change a full style not part of style would allow for much better organization to have clear styles that are set and not properties all over the place.

this would allow for you to have very clear styles that can be edited in the future if you need design changes.

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I agree - this seems like a major limitation or like I’m doing something wrong and missing a fundamental concept in Bubble.



I have the same problem as the people above and came looking for a similar solution expecting it to be along these lines.

My current workaround is to duplicate grouped elements and set different styles accordingly, then use the workflow to show/hide each grouped element when clicked.

Crazy to me that this isn’t an option. Fighting with setting style sub-properties on a bazillion buttons. Silly. Hope I never actually decide to change my styling. Phew.

Has anyone consolidated a feature request to upvote on this one?

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Just echoing what people say here.

This should be an option. I am just starting but already see this as a limitation that at some moment will just take too much time to keep all styles aligned. :slight_smile:

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Also here to +1 that editing whole styles in the workflows should be a feature.