Set two different type of content to a single page!

Hi everyone,

Indeed, I want to display two image which are stored in 2 different tables with two different types. However I can’t display them because I can set only one type of content in my container (my web page). So, I just want to know how we can affect two type of content to a single page ?



Don’t set a content type on the page if you want to display two different types.

You could explore setting states. They work in much the same way as your page type. You can pull them by first sending query parameters

Then you can send something that will be able to pull a data element on page load through do a search for. Let’s say both things are UNIQUE ID’s from your database. You can then pull both those items from the database on page load using “do a search for” whose unique id is = “get data from page url” “thing 1”. Play around with it and there are a bunch of examples onthe forum and on youtube. Let me know if you need help.

adding a page load workflow,

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