Set up own API for end users

Yes when changing password thru reset password it fails giving 404. Yes had to make new user login then it worked.

@exception-rambler Thanks for these very useful instructions!

I’d like to use this for a webhook.
1 - Setup an issue_token endpoint as you described it.
2 - Create a bubble API worklow with the detect request data as parameter definition.
3 - Copy the webhook url to third party in order for them to send me data when an event is triggered on their end. (eg Shopify webhook)

Unless im mistaken the third party won’t be able to include the bearer token in the header?
If that’s indeed the case can I include the bearer token as URL parameter?
If that’s possible could it create some security issues?

I tested my API calls and app to Bubble App DB in a test branch. I am trying to merge the API settings and API generated token from DEV to main but I can’t find how to do this, can someone share some information on how to do this??

Thank you

I’m new to BubbleApp and I wasn’t sure how the source control works. I answered the questions on my own.