Setting createdBy user via Workflow API

Question: Is it possible to set the createdBy user when creating a thing via the API Workflow?

What I’m trying to do: I am invoking an external API that does a callback to a webhook that points to an API Workflow URL. All of this is working awesomely. Challenge is, I want the createdBy user to be the user that initiated external the API call.

What I’ve tried so far: I have the email address of the user available in the payload to the webhook, but I can’t seem to write/overwrite the thing’s createdBy user. So I created my own “madeBy” field that allows me to do this. Just seems duplicative and was wondering if anything had changed in the time since this post described the same challenge 4 years ago.

You can, if you use a specific auth process so the user that is calling API Workflow is authenticated.

Bubble also have oauth2 authorization code WF but not described in documentation. There’s some topic about it in the forum.

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