Setting State value on Reusable Element in Repeating Group

I can confirm that if you have a reusable element inside a repeating group, it doesn’t seem possible to access the RE from the page’s workflow.

I looks like this was raised in other forum posts but never fully resolved:

Some people in those threads question why you would want to use a RE in an RG. Here’s my example of what I think is a pretty clear use case:

I have an RE with buttons to edit, add or delete an item:

Clicking the delete icon brings up a confirmation popup:

The pencil icon sets the RE’s state to ‘edit’; the check sets it to ‘delete’, the plus sets it to ‘add’.

On the page with a RG, I wanted to be able to set up a Workflow: Do when a condition is true, the RE’s state is ‘edit’, open edit popup, set RE’s state to none.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?