Setting up API endpoint

So i’m trying to build a POST API in Bubble,
The user will have a custom software on their pc that will listen for barcode inputs, and then it’ll send those inputs automatically towards the API, i’ve already created a way for the users to generate their own API key, so i know from who the barcode inputs are.

Here is the problem, i have set the authentication to be Private key in header,
and thus for the Value of the authorization key is: Value: {{currentUser.API key}}
because the api key is saved in a field of the User database, but i might be totally wrong, maybe that’s not the way to create an api.

So i would like to have a bit of help on how to manage those api key authorizations

On your Bubble WF check “This workflow can run without authentication” as well as “Ignore privacy rules”

Then put a condition on the WF that searches for users with the constraint key = request body's key then after the search do :count > 0

(This is for if your custom software is making a POST request to your Bubble app)

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