Setting Up User Availability

Hey there,

I’m trying to set up availability for a scheduling app.

I want each user to be able to say ‘‘I am available on these specific days of the week from this time to this time.’’ So the page would look something like this:


I’m thinking that in the ‘‘User’’ data type, I will have a field for each day of the week (ex: ‘‘Mondays Availability’’) of the field type ‘‘date range’’, or ‘‘date interval’’.

I’m still learning about how to use datetime so I’m not sure what the best approach is.

The main problem right now seems to be that I don’t want the selected time availabilities to be specific to a given date, I just want them to be specific to certain days of the week in general (ex: every Monday, the availability is 12pm-3pm).

Can anyone give me any pointers?


Hi mauraduquette.

I am looking to do something similar.
I have found this on the forum:

I am not sure how to display this in a calendar however…

Let share if one finds a way around it


Thank you so much for the pointer @matthieu_daney !! I’m looking into it and will share if I figure out how to connect it to the calendar