Setting your whole app in one timezone

Hi Bubblers!

I’ve been stuck on this issue and have tried a few things that haven’t been successful. Does anyone know if it’s possible to set your app to run in one timezone or if there is a workaround to do this?

My current situation: I have built an attendance-taking platform app that relies on the date/time to be the date at 12:00 AM in PDT in order to be able to have the feature to edit attendance if you’re still on the current day.

Which brings me to the problem of people in a different timezone than PDT.

Anyone have an ideas?

Ah timezones continue to be a nightmare.

I’ve not tested this but would Current Date rounded down to day allow you to know if the user is still in the same day from their time zone perspective.

Like I said I don’t know how date rounded down to day operates with timezones but I assume it returns a date value from the perspective of current user.

If you need an admin user to inspect a date submitted by user then perhaps when the record is taken add to the workflow saving a date range of Current Date rounded down to day to Current Date rounded down to day +1 day. This will probably give you a range of the users day from the perspective of their timeline.

With the last release, if you use backend WF, you will be able use timezone_string to set WF use a specific timezone. For the front end, you an use format as to display in a specific tz.


Hey @Jici,

I don’t really understand this new date release. Am I supposed to be saving my dates as text fields now including the timezone?

The new release doesn’t give all informations, but what you can do is to add a text parameters called “timezone_string” and set the timezone you want to use like America/Montreal (better than EST for example because of DST).
All date received will be set in this timezone_string

Hi @Jici,

Do you have an example of the setup of this? I have a field in my database type date, but I can’t append a timezone to the end of it? I’m not really understanding.

You don’t append a timezone string to date, you add another parameter.
Do you have a screenshot of your backend WF?

I haven’t moved everything over to a backend workflow yet, but this is my current setup with my button. I’m planning on moving it over to a backend workflow once I better understand this.

So in your backend wf you will have all the parameters for the fields you currently have in your Create a new attendance action + 1 more parameters that is called “timezone_string”

The date field will automatically take the timezone_string value. You don’t need to do anything with this field in the action itself. Bubble will use it to know in which timezone date provided in the parameters need to be parsed

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Maybe what Johnny needs is a screenshot of the date expression @Jici ?

Ooooo, I get it now, thanks! So basically the timezone_string would be something like America/Los_Angeles


Date expression doesn’t change. The date stay a Bubble date. What make the difference is the timezone_string parameter… like in my screenshot :wink:

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Date will be parsed according to this parameters.


Thank you @Jici! I’ll give it a shot :blush:

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It definitely works, but doesn’t exactly solve my problem. So this is the POV of someone on Eastern Time (so in New York)

While on Pacific Time (San Francisco for example) it shows:

Whats the best practices to fix this discrepancy

Don’t forget to change the display on front end if you want user to always see it in pacific time.
there’s two thing to consider: How date is saved VS how date is displayed.
If you want to change the display, always use format as at the end of the date with static timezone and select America/Los_Angeles too :wink:

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Do you know how I can format FullCalendar so the timezone is in Pacific?

I don’t think it’s possible using FullCalendar from Bubble. Maybe you can send them a support ticket for that. I know that Full Calendar from ZQ have the option to set a timezone.
However, I think Bubble should add a field for that because the Full Calendar Library handle this

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Just emailed Bubble! They said they’re escalating to their Tier 2 support team so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Update :slightly_frowning_face:

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