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Setup domain error: Sorry, someone already has an app hosted


So I am trying to setup the domain and I am getting the following error:
Sorry, someone already has an app hosted at

Any ideas why this happens?

Do you have this domain on any other app?

If not, suggest reaching out to Bubble support.

I had the domain listed as a subdomain under I have deleted it and purchased separate hosting package where I have access to Cpanel. The issue is still there. Any thoughs?

The new IP has been propagated and the site points to the new server but I have the same issue in Bubble

Hey @cm1,

I’d reach out to Bubble support at this point. [email protected]

i did. I got a reply after 24h and waiting for another reply now :frowning:

What have the replies been saying?

Is it only an issue with this particular domain?

Yes, the only issue is with this domain only. The problem is that I have domain1 used in another app on bubble. Then, domain2 (the problematic one) was listed as a subdomain on the same hosting account where domain1 was listed. I guess that is why the problem occurs.

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