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Hi, I want that the user is able to share a story via WhatsApp like on Youtube (see picture at the bottom). Does somebody know if it’s possible and if yes how? The recipient of the message should get a message like “Hey, please like my story” and underneath should be a link which should lead directly to the specific story which the person who is sending the message wants to share.

Every user can create multiple stories, so there is a repeating group full of stories displayed on the screen. When the user clicks on a specific story, he gets to a screen, where only the story on which he has clicked is displayed. And thats where I want to lead with the link in the message.
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Hi there, @Jakob1… maybe this thread can help? Couldn’t hurt to check it out.


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Thanks, I experimented a bit and it works good so far.
Do you know if it’s possible to open an external website but only if the “current devise” is a phone or computer, because on phone it’s “whatsapp” and on the computer it’s “whatsapp web”.

And do you know if it’s possible that when the user klicks on an icon to share not the current page url, but the url of another page in the app?
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I have never tried to do that, but I’m guessing you could use the current page width to figure it out in a way that would be pretty reliable.

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Thanks, it’s working properly :smiley:

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Do you also know if that’s possible :)?

That one I’m not sure of, but I will try to take a look a bit later. In the meantime, maybe someone will have an answer in the other thread.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on that last one a bit with an example of exactly what you are trying to do?

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I have a story on the index page in a repeating group. In this repeating group there is an icon with which the user can share the story via WhatsApp. When the user clicks on a story in the repeating group, he gets to another Page, where only the current story is displayed.
And I want to share with the icon in the repeating group the url of the screen where only the current story is displayed.

This suggestion might be, well, dumb, but can you use the current page’s URL and add the :find & replace operator to replace the name of the current page with the name of the other page?

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Do you mean like this?

But with which should I replace it? Because depending on the story, the unique ID and the words in the URL are different, so there is not one url which stays the same.

What does This url currently evaluate to? Is ganze_story_logged_out the name of the other page?

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Yes, thats the pagename

So, maybe try finding index (which is the page where the repeating group is) and replacing it with ganze_story_logged_out.

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The issue is that without an unique id, there is no text like on the picture

And this part is also in the url
thats the headline of the story and between each word there is %20.

Actually, it would also be ok if I put the icon directly on the ganze_story_logged_out screen, but when I share the url of this page, it’s also not working because the %20 in the url isn’t displayed in whatsapp and therefore the link isn’t working, because there are single words in the url.

If I could fix it and the if the whole url is displayed in whatsapp, that would also be ok

Yeah, I saw your other post about the spaces. Can you use find and replace to find a space and replace it with %20?

I am obviously just making stuff up here, but nobody is responding to your other threads, so at least it’s something. Truth be told, I hate sharing features and want them all to die a fiery death. So, there’s that. :slight_smile:

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