Share your App and a Milestone with the Bubble team!

Hey Bubble Community!

It’s Friday and I want to hear how our community is doing. So I am asking all of you to share with me your one big accomplishment for the week. Use the following format and respond to this thread.

App Name:


Milestone: Launched this week, made your first sale, got your first user, reach 100 users, got featured on Product Hunt, launched a new template, plugin, etc.

Twitter Handle: (if you want me to tweet about your app and tag you!)

I can’t wait to see what everyone’s done!
Erik - Startup Evangelist @ Bubble


Hi, I have been working on an app called Kitchat for Product Hunt makers festival.

You can see my project progress here it’s not live though. I’m expecting to do a private demo by mid next week. Today I have designed majority of the screens, made logo, set up database & purchased domain/ plugins.


:heart: the logo! I’m excited to see what comes next!

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