Shcedule API call List > Create a new thing with multiple entries

Hi Team, @eve ,

I am calling the Microsoft Graph Message API via Pathfix to retrieve all emails in my inbox. ( See below)

This call returns a list. I want to schedule an API workflow on this list to create a new thing “Microsoft” for each email and add the parameters and value from the API call for each email ( SUbject, Recipient…)

On the first screen below, you see the API call I am making, and on the second one below you see the associated call in my Workflow. The type of thing “List-emails_Pathfix-100…” is not available in the dropdown parameter of my workflow. As a consequence, I cannot create a new “Microsoft” as the parameter of my workflow does not match one of my API calls.

How can I solve this ?

This is not an answer to your question, but I would suggest you don’t do this via schedule workflow on a list. It’s not going to be reliable. Try recursive workflows instead.

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Hey @petit-ricard we can help you solve this :slight_smile:

Reach out to our live chat support and we can go through this together

You would think so, but this (scheduling a recursive workflow on an API-returned list ) is surprisingly difficult to do from what I can see. It is down to what Keith has dubbed the API Ghetto.

In other to do a recursive workflow, you need to be able to pass the list back to the workflow after each run but you’re kind of stuck since the workflow cannot take a list returned by an API as a parameter. Unless I’m missing something (and I do want to spend some more time on this over this weekend) you’re left with scheduling the workflow on a list as your only option. It is very frustrating, given that this option, even by the Bubble team’s own admission, is not the most reliable.

Hmmm… :thinking: Very tempting challenge. I think it can be done. I would think you would need 2 workflows:

  1. to initiate the call
  2. the recursive one

Otherwise, @eli (is that the correct Eli?) came up with this Virtual Data types that could be an idea.


Hi @rico.trevisan,

Eli’s virtual data idea is an interesting one - thanks for sharing. I’ll give it a try. Please do let me know if you’re able to do a recursive workflow from an API-returned list. I’d love to be proved wrong on that front as it just seems so unlikely that it would not be possible. I’m hoping that I’m missing an obvious workaround.