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Shopify vs Bubble

Hi all,

I am hesitating between Bubble and Shopify to create my online store. It’s not a marketplace but a classic one-sided ecommerce with a few custom features (deposit and cash-back, coupons, local delivery and zone restrictions). I am a big fan of Bubble and it would allow me to have full control on my building but I am wondering:

  • whether I can really reach the same level of UX/UI (loading speed, checkout and payment simplicity, efficiency of filters and search with many products, …) as with shopify + plugins/custom code.
  • would it scale as well as a shopify store (I know a lot of shopify stores with more than 100k orders a year, any example with bubble?).

Thanks for your help !

As a huge Bubble advocate, I would recommend Shopify in this use-case. As this is what Shopify does best.

You can always start in Shopify, as your site will be built faster, and eventually if you ever wish to, switch to Bubble.

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Thanks for your response.
It would require me some theme customization on shopify to get started, that would take some time too (custom deposit system). So I was not really considering the time needed to develop such a website but more what I can reach in terms of performance and customer experience with Bubble. I would like to do the best tech choice from the beginning !