Should we be processing all images with Imgix?

Idk if @petter mentions this in any of the revised copies of the complete bubble guide. I just know that he recommends webp as the format now.

Anyways, Imgix gives me options for Quality when it comes to an image.

However, If I’m processing with imgix, is that a client side or server side action?

Does it use WU?

If it doesn’t but it’s client side, would I want to do that considering it’d be using device resources? I have an SPA.
My images are already compressed but you know, a 900kb photo at 33% is 300kb, 66% smaller and x% faster, especially when you factor in the sheer volume of images someone might have across their site

I’d assume the initial data pull is all server side and the processed with imagix is client side but I could be wrong. Check your network inspector tab on a blank page with only 1 image :processed with imagix to see how it interacts.

I will say I typically avoid any :operators when possible. If you observe images from other sites how they handle it is typically saving a separate “condensed” version.

For example Facebook saves your profile image for profile page display as a completely different image than the small profile image that is displayed on the feed.

An app I built prior was an NFT generator. For a project generation there could be upward of 200 png images, all original sizes 2000x2000 all being 1-5mb. We’d then layer those images with HTML and you can imagine that’s ALOT of data. We saved the host image for later reference if needed but we saved a condensed 500x500 version optimized that got these all under 300kb. Taking total data needing rendered from near a gig to under 40mb. Then on the official generation we’d use the source image to keep output quality high.