Show And Tell - Check it Out

Hi all,

Checkout Oiga, built on bubble!


Phenomenal work. Really well done!

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Very good design. Very clean, very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Btw i tried sign up, but i get error password not valid or password not match XD

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Thank you, I have to say this is the best community as a designer/dev ive been a part of.

Thank you! haha, we enforce strong passwords, so uppercase, lowercase, special character and a number. I need to implement an error handling pop up for that, but haven’t got round to it. Shall do asap

Looks good! On first load, the dashboard managed to load a couple of groups on top of each other, I think.

Ah damn, thats something I just did and forgot to change back! Thanks I’ll update now

Great website. Clean!

It looks like it is not entirely built on bubble. I find some references about Webflow in the generated HTML code…

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Yes sorry I should have clarified, I used Webflow for the frontend website, then the whole app is built on Bubble

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Never used webflow, how dare you can use Webflow for front end and bubble at same page?

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Hmm, I cant replicate this. Please could you hard refresh your page?

Make more sense. I was impressed about some features used and was about to ask how you did it :wink:

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Like what features?

Haha they work so well together - I came from a design background and love Webflow/Wordpress for websites, then learnt bubble and my life changed! Unbelievable platform and community this is.

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It can easily be done…many bubblers have done that in the past…

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But i mean what kind of features that can’t be done with bubble but yes with webflow as you said here: “Make more sense. I was impressed about some features used and was about to ask how you did it”

animation for instance…it is better and clean in webflow comparing to bubble.

Do let me know privately if you stumble across any little bugs and I’ll fix them! Thanks guys

For those interested in how to better create animations in Bubble, @romanmg’s template is really solid.

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Thanks. I am aware :wink: