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Show content based on incoming URL route

Has anyone ever done some sort of message display based on the incoming URL?

Example: Toby Allen
Page Display: Thanks for coming from XXX site, here’s your discount

Something along these lines?


Hey there @toby2,

You can accomplish this with URL page parameters

Or look at the referrer…

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How would we use this

var referrer = document.referrer;

in bubble to capture the referrer string? My assumption is the run javascript action would get us but have no idea how to structure the javascript to put into the action if that would be the correct method.

It would need a teeny little plugin to bind that document.referrer to a Bubble variable. There must be one out there - I did it in one of mine but that plugin is massive overkill for this.

maybe this one?
or a bit more …
🆕 [FREE PLUGIN] Referrer URL Complete


Ohh interesting