Show emoji choices on button click

I am wondering what would be the best way to show the emoji selection on a button click. My assumption is that a lot of users are used to selecting a button to show a list of emojis to choose from as opposed to using keyboard shortcuts.

Currently the input will show a list of emojis on a keyboard shortcut. I would like to enable users to click a button to show the list of emojis instead of needing to use a keyboard shortcut.

Any ideas of how to do this? I thought maybe there is a way to have a workflow that would basically do the keyboard shortcut for the user but couldn’t figure a way to get that done.

My last ditch effort will be to design my own emoji list and have them saved in the database and just retrieve them, but would rather not and just use whats already built into the input element.

Hi @boston85719
I’m creating a new plugin for emoji that will be released next week.
But this will use the native Bubble field input.
I think there’s rich text plugin that have a button too. (BDK one if I remember…)

Hi @Jici Thanks for the response. I think I may have found a solution to my issue as I really want the functionality of clicking a button or emoji icon to open a menu of the emojis.

Basically loading the unicode into my database. I think a stumbling block might be how to get the emoji properly aligned in text if the user is selecting from an icon that is not the text input.