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Show Group Focus When Other Element is Hovered

I just used groups with the old responsive editor and the hover condition worked fine, but with the new responsive editor, it has a transparency problem in the repeating group

Screenshot 2022-06-03 154622

Need to setup workflows as in the tip to hide them when the element is not hovered.

In there lies the problem. Sounds like a good feature request.

You are likely using that in a align to parent container and would need to set the group to ‘bring to front’ to adjust the z-index of the elements.

That’s where it gets stuck, when you have a workflow that hides them when an element isn’t hovered. That’s why you have to use the conditional attached to the element.

Also, the z-index was brought to the front, it’s just bugged cause it’s the beta responsive editor, and it wasn’t an align to parent container

Just used this for a client and it worked brilliantly! :raised_hands: Thanks for the great tip @boston85719 !

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For those interested, in order to get this working in a RepeatingGroup you’ll need to put this inside of a Reusable Element.

Here’s an example of this working:
Editor: Dow-coaching | Bubble Editor
Demo: Dow Coaching

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 7.19.21 AM


hey. almost what i need. 1 issue.
If i make the repeating group’s type of content to the option set ‘test number’.
then the repeating group can not take data source for the individual cells (in text) from a data type of ‘Category’.
what to doo

Take what the tip showcases as an example and apply it to your specific use case. In this situation I recommend not using the text as the data type and instead use your ‘Category’.

already using that.
Basically, the RG text element takes information -name of category - from the parent group’s Type of content ‘Category’.

Perhaps there has been a new update that has made this much easier but, I got it to work by creating 4 different “Do When” workflows:

#1) Do when “element” is hovered → Action = Show GroupFocusX
#2) Do when “element” isn’t hovered → Action = Hide GroupFocusX
#3) Do when GroupFocusX is Hovered → Action = Show GroupFocusX (So that the groupfocus doesn’t keep disappearing when trying to click something inside that groupfocus)
#4) Do when GroupFocusX isn’t Hovered → Action = Hide GroupFocusX (To overwrite the previous workflow)

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

That is another good approach. Uses a few more steps to get there, but likely works equally well. Thanks for sharing.

can you please explain this in detail?