How to get group focus to appear on hover

I’ve got the plugin called mouse and keyboard interactions but I can’t see an option in workflows for it.

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Check this

It’s an element workflow event… so you find it here:


If (as implied by your screenshot) you want to add an ‘only when element is hovered’ condition to a workflow action (which has nothing to do with this plugin), one simple way you can do it is by creating an ‘only when element is hovered’ expression in the design editor (on an element’s condition), then copying and pasting that expression into the workflow editor in an only when condition for the action.

This is the simplest method - but note: it doesn’t seem to be an officially supported method, so use it with caution.

Otherwise you’ll have to use the workaround linked to in the post above, where you add an invisible element somewhere on your page, with a condition to be visible when another element is hovered.

Then use a ‘when condition is true’ workflow (the condition being the hidden element is visible) to trigger showing the group focus.

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