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Show if data is saved

Does Bubble has a Boolean connected to a page who is 1 when all the data on the page is saved and 0 when that isn’t the case. I would like to have a warning on the page when there are some unsaved inputs

There’s nothing built in, but you can do this yourself fairly easily using custom states. You can check if Input A’s Value does not equal some database value. If that’s true, it means there is an unsaved change, and you can show or activate the save button.

thanks for the quick reply! That’s a possible solution but i have 20+ inputs on the page. It would be nice if something can check them all together

I have figured this out but how do I make bubble to check after I have ‘created a thing’. since all workflows run parallel

You can create a condition in the next action(Action B) that relies on the first action (creating a thing)to prevent Action B from running in parallel to Action A. So you can create a condition like “when Result of 1 property is not empty”. Something like that.