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Show points on a map based on user input

Hello! I’m new to bubble, and have been combing the forum for an answer to this without success. Hopefully, someone else has tries this before. Here is what I’m trying to do.

I have a map, and I want the user to be able to define parameters, and display markers that match those perameters.

For example: show all users that are age 55 to 60 within 5 miles of current location.

I have data in a CSV file.

I’m very confused on how to make this happen, or if it’s even possible. I know that data can be uploaded from CSV files into the app, and that there must be a way for the user to access only the relevant portions of that data.

Yeah, you’ve gotta get the data into a place Bubble can relate it to the user things. Either upload it straight into the users (never done that myself) or put it somewhere else and access it through an API (Blockspring or Google Sheets maybe, haven’t done that either).

Once it’s related, you can build a search for users that match the conditions. “Do a search for” in the full reference specifically says you can search for a user within 1 mile of the current user’s position. The “geographic address” part of the full reference has a bunch of operations that help work with addresses. There’s a workflow action for “display markers in a map”.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate the response. I’m still a little unclear on how to actually set that up, though. I’m still trying to learn how the workflows function. I want users to be able to define a variety of filters that match the data they are looking for. Things like:
Age 64, birth month of July, males only, within 5 miles of current location. I understand how it’s, supposed to work, in theory. Putting it together, though, is a different story.

That would probably happen in expressions in searches in the actual elements. First get all the data into the database and properly related. Then worry about how to display a subsection of it.

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