Show repeating group results from search box input

I created a reusable Header with a search box element inside and put it into an index page with a repeating group.
By default, I want the repeating group shows a list of users (done), but when someone searches for a profile from a search box I want the repeating group shows only the matched profiles.
Can someone help me?

you can use constraint on repeating group with ignore empty constraint checked !

Sorry I missed something. Can you explain me better please?

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Hey @ivan.rss92 - for a repeating group to communicate that information to the parent page, you will need to set a custom state on that repeating group (such as through and input + workflow). Once the custom state is set, you can use that information as a constraint on your Users search in the repeating group. As @divypratap73 mentioned above, you’ll need to make sure that ‘ignore empty constraint is checked’.



Thanks, it works. But if I have different users with the same value field, how can I get all members just to select one keyword?
Example, the data I want to look at is “profession” and a lot of users are “developer”.
When I type “developer” on the search bar, it shows me all the developers (developer, developer 1, developer 2, etc…) but I just want to view 1 result as Developer, and clicking on it I want to get back all the users.

So you want to filter users by their name and their profession?

FYI - a typo in my response above - I meant to say to set the custom state on the reusable (in this case the Header) :grinning:

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