Show specific "user profile" according to priority

Hi guys I need little help

So the customer flow for my app is that people, once they complete a survey, are assigned to a specific nutritionist for future online visits.
Now… in my Db I have a team of 10 nutritionist and I would like to prioritize 2 of them that are very good.

At the moment I am using just a" search for: Nutritionist User" with a Randomization. So I used “search for Nutritionist User: random Item”. As said I want to prioritize 2 of them. How can I make it happen?

Thanks in advance

Under the Nutritionist datatype, you can add a field called Priority and set it to type number. You can manually change the Priority number for each Nutritionist either from the database or admin dashboard.

When searching for Nutritionists, you can search by Priority and display only the top 2 results.

Hei man thanks for the quick answer.
Maybe I miswrote my objective. I ll try back here. I m sorry.

What I actually want is to randomly show one nutritionist with following probability:

  • 40% of the time, Nutritionist 1
  • 40% of the time, Nutrizionist 2
  • 20% of the time, the other 8 nutritionists

Does it make sense? @S2294

I know this may not be the best way, but still keeping it within Bubble built-in things, it is worth mentioning:

You can add another Data Type called Possible Nutritionist and this will only have one field Nutritionist. This is to add more than one same Nutritionist to this table.

Then, you will add proportionally that many number of Nutr1, Nutr2 and others etc. For your probability scenario for example, it can have the following many elements in this new Possible Nutritionist list:


Then, whenever you need a Nutritionist, you can get this new list and show one of them randomly:

Here is a demo:

And you can adjust the numbers in this table, to change probability.

Here is the page I have tested it: Tests for Forum 6 | Bubble Editor

Hei Hergin thanks for the answer I really appreciate.

Unfortunatelly, I ll onboard other nutritionist in the next future and this will be little complicated to manage in a second moment. So I m still worried that there isn’t any way of choose randomly a probability of a specific nutritionist.

Calculate a random number between 1 and 100.

If random number < 40 then the nutritionist is number 1;

If random number >= 40 and <= 80 then the nutritionist is number 2;

If random number is > 80 then the nutritionist is a randomized search of the rest of them…

Search for users: from 3 :randomized itens


I totally get it. And @rpetribu 's answer looks cleaner.

But just for curious minds out there: There can be a percentage manager page I want to note here for future readers or other people who wants to see it in the structure I have described above :slight_smile: