Showing custom event triggering in logs

While debugging logs, if a custom event is triggered, then that is not shown in logs. Logs directly start showing the action within that custom event. This makes debugging difficult.

So it would be nice if logs show following:

  • “condition failed” and “condition met” for custom event triggering
  • Custom event being triggered

I have submitted an idea for this. Please upvote if you relate with it :

Have you confirmed with Bubble that this is expected behavior (ie: another oversight by engineering in features that just should have been implemented from the start)?

The reason I ask is that I am experiencing the same issue, and this seems like a Bug to me, rather than just a missing feature.

In my experience, I am not even seeing the actions that are part of the custom trigger in my logs, so I get no indication whatsoever as to which custom trigger ran and the actions inside of it…it is actually causing an issue in client app, for which I have to submit a bug report for today, because the conditions of the custom trigger are not being respected and both custom triggers are running (only one should run as the conditions on the two triggers are basically opposites of each other).

Not only that, but in the client app, the two triggers, only one of which should run, create an entry in the database, so upon execution we see on the preview page the two entries created, but in the database only one is stored…then when refresh the page, see on preview page only one item, but it is not the item in the database (checking against unique ids).

What you are describing seems like a much serious issue. I experienced something similar where some actions within a custom event were not showing up in logs and they showed up when I did “zoom into this workflow”. Please see if that helps in your case.

What I have mentioned in my post is something I have experienced since quite some time I think. I have been facing this problem of not knowing which custom event was triggered since quite some time.

Regarding confirming with Support team on expected behaviour: For so many of the instances where I am 100% positive that those are bugs, Support team comes back saying it is intended behaviour, however illogical/counter-intuitive/not-in-documentation it would be.

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Seems to have been the go to response to Bugs they do not intend to fix for the past 12 months or so now. I hear it all the time.

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