Shrinking pop ups

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I have a pop that displays a list of 12 different data items. Sometimes not all of the items are filled with data. Then I get just a blank white space at bottom of the pop up. Is there a way to make the height of the pop up responsive?

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Ya. Check out this link. It is the same concept.

If you have things that don’t always show as populated, you can put them in a group or groups (either together or individually depending on what you need) and check collapse the group’s height when hidden. (You must then manage showing those groups when you need them obviously. This is easy using Conditions.)

If you have an RG, note that HOW MANY CELLS you show in EDIT MODE controls the minimum height of the RG.

Once you’re done fiddling with an RG in edit mode, set that RG to display just one row. If u were displaying a larger num of columns before, you’ll need to drag the bottom up of course. That’ll become your minimum height for each row. And now as your RG grows and shrinks items below it will move down/up.

This discussion might also be of help:

Thanks for the response! I don’t have a RG for a reason. The data is dynamic. So if I change the first row, it changes, obviously, all the other rows. I grouped them and checked “collapes …when hidden”. But it did not work… Is the only way to do that manually? I have 12 different items, that would take some time doing that. If this is the only way to do that, should I use conditions? So basically if this item is not visible then… ?

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