Side Nav is blocking my Groups

As I collapse my window the Side Nav starts to cover my group, What can be a Problem?

Search through the forum for “popups hidden”. This happens. Sometimes this fixes it - “bring to front”

Sometimes you have to does this procedure.

What type of element you are using to create your Side nav? A floating group or just a group?

And in that picture you are showing your Side Nav already collapsed?

@design.agx I am using a Floating Group & not collapsed yet

Wait so when you say:

You mean you are resizing the width of the screen? If that’s what you mean then your group should not be fixed width.

This way he will reduce his size when the screen is being resized.

If it still doesn’t work, maybe it’s also the elements inside your side bar. Make sure they are also not fixed width, or leave them fixed width but don’t stretch their container all the way to the edge of your floating group.

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