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Sign or login via digital certificate


We´re running into a case that needs to sign the invoices using a digital certificate and we´re wondering if this would be possible in Bubble and if anyone can point us into a direction from where to start.

The thing is that whenever a user saves an invoice, it needs to be signed with the user´s digital certificate. Because in Spain is something that is going to be mandatory using certificates such as the FNMT one like Xataka guys explain in their post of digital certificates.

Thanks a lot for any help :slight_smile:!

Hello again,

Can anyone take a look at this, please? Maybe @romanmg or @Jici or @NigelG or someone else?

Thanks a lot.

From what I can understand of the underlying tech (it mentions Mozzila and Internet Explorer so that is a bit of a worry) it is something that runs on a desktop.

So maybe you need to save the invoice to their machine, get them to sign it, and then reupload?

Thanks @NigelG,

The thing is that the certificate must be installed in the browser but you can use any browser.

How could I add more information so you can point me into right direction.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @NigelG,

Anything on this one?

Thanks man :slight_smile:

I probably didn’t understand the process of “signing” using the Browser.

I probably didn´t explained myself well :frowning: since it´s a bit complicated.

The thing is that when a user clicks on a button, the document must be signed using a digital certificate but how can this be done?

That is a document on their computer?

Nope, it´s an invoice generated in Bubble.

How would they sign a document if it wasn’t from Bubble ?

As far as I´ve seen, with this certificate sign things, what happens is: you click on a button that says “sign” and then a popup shows with the certificates installed in your browser, you choose the certificate and then sign the document.

From what I can see, this a two step process.

First is getting the key onto your computer. It is installed in your OS as it needs to use the configuration of your browser/OS to prove that it is your computer.

The second is using that to stamp something.

Adobe allows it. MS Word allows it (see below … )

I cannot think that Bubble would be able to access this certificate and the information required to sign the document.

You would have to save the document, get them to sign it locally, and upload.

A possible alternative is a cloud based signature storage.

There are APIs for Global Sign…

But it looks like this is just ordering and managing, rather than signing. So it would allow an enterprise to manage certificates used in Acrobat for example.

Maybe email them and ask? Other than that, download to device, sign, upload.

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Thanks @NigelG,

I´ll digg into it based on your information.

Sounds a bit complicated :frowning:

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