Sign up / Log in Strategies

Hello Everyone,

I’m building an app for an industry and I don’t want anyone signing up with gmail, icloud or any of those generic accounts. What’s the best way to approach this?

Hi you can either filter out all known domains in the input or upon signing up OR you can do a check on the inputted email if it’s valid and a professional domain (has a benefit on confirming the email address exists) using the API connector and any of the email validator services out there. Make sure to not just check its validity but that its not a personal email as well. I currently use a handful of such companies; they all seem to be generically the same in terms of API calls and pricing.

Thank you for your response, I’m a beginner just getting familiar with the bubble api, is there tutorial that shows how to do this via professional email validators?


As a beginner, I’d go with option 1 :point_up: as you will have bigger fish to fry. Just look for any tutorials regarding the API connector; it’s not specific about this particular use case.

thank you