Sign Up or Sign In without an email?

Dear All,

As I searched, it is not possible to log in without an email, am I right?

In my project, users have to be not recorded with any specific info, like name, email, phone, ID, etc…
But they must have a user page, which shows their entries.

That’s why I need to log them in only with a nickname and password.
Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

While I believe the system requires you use an email address to log users in behind the scenes, there are workarounds that wouldn’t require you to use the user’s email address.

For example, you could simply create made up email addresses for each of your users and use those to log the users in instead. Then, when one of those users goes to login (using a non-email approach) you’d simply lookup the fake email you created for that user and use that to log them in.


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