Sign up with phone without password

Heello there!
Im quit new in Bubble, but im dedicated to finish my project.

Im facing a issue on step where I want to sign up user by only using Twilio sms code to confirm phone.

  • So user only enters phone number (for now i use - input Enter phone number’s
  • goes to next page to enter recieved code

So what to do with the password field that is required in sign up? ;/

Thanks anyway. - my first ever post in any forum. :smiley:

well i got some idea on work around if it helps someone, but now it registers in database no matter if the recieved SMS random number code generator is valid ;/

  1. screen
    Enter phone number

  2. screen
    Sign the user up using previous phone number in email input but make it hidden*

Use code input as password field and enter sms code recieved.

I’m not sure how to do this without storing the password in the database (with appropriate Privacy rules, of course). You could use the PIN AS the password and change the password to the updated PIN each time. Maybe after it’s been used, obscure the password in the database as well (would still need to be stored). I’m not a security expert so this could be completely unacceptable to some?

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i think to send sms code each time for new reg and log in.

Make registration/login only with sms confirmation. (i think its okay and safe)

That workflow seems fine to me. I was mostly referring to just the storing of the “password” in the DB outside of how Bubble handles it natively.

Update: closest to what I have found so far.

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That inconvenience was for firebase not if u use a external sms provider api.

If u waana signup/log a user in with only OTP received in email/sms

  1. Make a form with input email/phone (u already know append :wink:) , hide the validate OTP and sign up or login button by default, also a OTP verified or an unverified text

Also add one more input say OP which have four number random generated which is always hidden and un-clickable

  1. Also add a send OTP button, in the work flow you can send an OTP(OTP already generated in the input OP just use that) through direct email or use the API of the SMS provide. Now you can easily unhide the verify OTP button once the OTP button is clicked, also unhide the OTP received text.
    If OTP entered= OP value than verified or else try again

  2. In the sign up or login button make sure to add a condition is OTP verified text is visible the sign up or login button will also be visible.

  3. That’s it the user will be authenticated.

For password use 123 or ABC and every time in hidden password input with value in it by default a user sign up make its password 123 or ABC and use that every time

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very detailed and much appreciated! Thanks a lot for your time mate!

I did most as you described, but

  1. i got no idea what OP means and how to make - if OTP entered = OP value then verified or else try again.
  2. Also this part kind hard to understand.

For password use 123 or ABC and every time in hidden password input with value in it by default a user sign up make its password 123 or ABC and use that every time

Here is a screen of the pass input, that no matter what and how i place in it, its comes red

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OP :grin: it’s just a name given to a input box.

For password input issue-
Add one more hidden input in form call it pwd enter it’s default value 123
Now as you shown in screenshot click on it select - PWD value
So that user can’t see the password but you are passing the password

So when you are registering a user you are entering his email Id which the user has entered, again you are entering the password 123 by default but by verifying the user via OTP

Ask if you are stuck :love_you_gesture:

Also I can see that you are generating a random number in workflow and sending them via API.

What I ask you to do is generate a random number in input
Say input RAMOTP (random OTP) which we were calling OP value, both are same just name changed for better understanding…
In the default value click on generate formula> generate random character
Make sure to select on only numbers and number of values to 4

Now you have four digit random number generated in every form which is loaded. Now pass that random number which is generated that is the OTP to the SMS API by selecting RAMOTP value in workflow.

Now if the user enter the RAMOTP value in the verify input, user authentication sucess👍 show the signup/login button on this condition.


I hope this will make this work!
Again thanks for all the detailed info and time. Hope this helps other users aswell!!

One last thing :smiley:

How can i do the check in login stage perform next action(like show text) if user is found or not in database by his ‘‘email’’ aka

how ever i try, it turns back red and shows wrong. ;/

Actually solved it. Once i swaped text to alert.

and rest to show - Search for Users / Email = Login phone number input:append@domain /cound >0