Simple Leaderboard

Hi all, I am very new to bubble so please bear with me if this is a noob question.

I am building an app to log steps walked in December, I have almost all the functionality there minus one thing. A leaderboard.

DB has 2 Tables:


  • this is where users update steps are stored
  • multiple entries can be added per user (the idea or one for each day) i.e. 1 December 10,000, 2nd 10,00 etc

step goal

  • This is used for logging in

I have put in a repeating group in for the leaderboard but I am not quite sure how to filter the data to show which users are at the top of the table?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @toff,

In your RG’s data source search make sure to sort it base on the criteria you need. And … you can add input elements or arrow up/down icons to be clicked and change the sort logic of the RG.

I know … the above is easier said than done.

I suggest you review youtube videos, the bubble forum for past posts on this, and bubble academy resources … on repeating groups, filterting, sorting, adding/substracting items from lists.

The following videos are particularly very instructive for your use case >

Filtering Repeating Groups | Tutorial

Sorting Dynamically | Tutorial

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Create and save list selections | Tutorial