Single-Input Login System to Be Shared With Family

Hi guys, I am making an app in which families or friends can make a social-media-style profile for their family or friends to access at will.

As multiple different family members & friends will be logging into the profile page it doesn’t seem right to make each family members login with the account creators Email/Password.

But too rather have a single-code input that can be shared with family & friends to make the process of logging in & sharing your login code among the family/friends much easier.

I originally had the idea of allowing the account owner/creator to create a “Secret Key” variable upon signing up to the platform. This Secret Key variable is tied to the users account & can then be solely used in the login page to identify the account & log the user in.

(Yes I know this may seem less secure & no two keys can be the same but this is the best method I can think of currently)

Any ideas on how I can go about this or any other methods to try?

under your user, make a new dataset called members.

the members should have the set of:

  • parent
  • name
  • password

then add a LIST of MEMBERS to your user.

when the family member logs in, make a checkbox option for them to select called “family member?”, they use the parent email, name, and password.

for the password, let the users know they aren’t encrypted, or… encrypt them if you wish.